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Riverside Ohio animal control

Animal control in Riverside, Ohio is a much needed service. Residents of the Miami Valley need animal removal services. Concerned homeowners of Riverside, Ohio call us everyday with wildlife concerns or problems. Situations such as a dog sprayed by a skunk, moles destroying the lawn, or even noises in the attic. These issues all require an expert like Varment Guard Wildlife Services. We provide quick and humane animal control services in Riverside, Ohio. Our field staff are trained and ready to handle any animal control issue you may have in Riverside, Ohio. Call us today at 763-307-4384 and our staff will gladly assess your animal control issue.

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Riverside animal removal experts

Riverside Ohio animal control can handle residential and commercial animal removal in Montgomery county Ohio and Greene county Ohio. Wildlife removal experts help resolve wild animal conflicts. We understand bat exclusion methods, raccoon control, squirrel removal, and more. Helping Riverside Ohio homeowners with mole control, skunk trapping, and birds in vent are what we do everyday. We are Riverside’s top wildlife control company. Call us for snake trapping services, mouse control, and rat removal.

Riverside wildlife control professional

We specialize in Riverside animal removal and Riverside Ohio animal control. Animal removal in Riverside is regulated by the Ohio division of wildlife. Before you hire any animal removal professional in Riverside Ohio, you should be sure they are properly licensed and possess appropriate insurance.

Our Process:

  • Full Home Inspection

    We start by providing a full home inspection. We inspect your entire home from the attic to the basement. This ensures we properly diagnose your wildlife conflict.

  • Animal Removal

    We use pro-active trapping techniques. We quickly and humanely remove your problem wild animals.

  • Bird Removal

    Many wildlife issues are caused by birds. We are trained, licensed and certified to help you resolve bird problems.

  • Animal Damage Repair

    Animals typically create damage when entering a home. After the animals are removed we can repair the damage they caused.

  • Attic Remediation

    Finally, after the animals are removed, and the exterior damage has been repaired. We can clean animal waste out of the attic, sanitize, and re-insulate.

About Varment Guard

  • We Are always training

    All of our field staff team attends industry training twice per year, to ensure we are up to date with the latest tactics and tools available to our industry.

  • Licensed by the state

    All of our field technicians have passed the “Ohio Commercial Nuisance Wild Animal Control Certification Test”.

  • Experienced Staff

    We have nationally recognized and certified field staff members. Our lead tech is often called on to teach training seminars and give industry demonstrations.

  • Fully Insured

    We carry a comprehensive commercial liability policy to ensure that if an accident were to happen YOU are protected.

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What Others Say About Us-

Chris, I just wanted to thank you and Nigel for all of the time and effort you put into our squirrel issues! You were both great to work with. I have recommended your services and will continue to do so. Thanks again!

Shannon P.Springboro OH

The service was great, they came fully prepared with protective gear to clean up the Bat debri from my attic.

They made sure all entry ways were sealed and blocked from the outside of the house,

They were very professional and cleaned up after the job

The best part of the service was a follow-up call on how things were going and if I seen any signs on new activity

Lavonn F.Dayton OH

Dear Chris, I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you again for all of the help you and Nigel provided to get rid of our raccoons and repairing the damage and cleaning up the mess and on and on and on. Your team never stopped helping! If we need animal removal in the future we will definitely be calling you guys again!

Rosey K.Beavercreek OH

We had a loud and persistent critter in my chimney. I called Saturday evening and they were there Sunday morning! Did full inspection of roof, chimney, eaves, surrounds, attics, etc. Set traps and returned to check frequently. Solved problem. Chris was very knowledgeable and was clear in explaining their services and the fee structure. Everything was exactly as promised and they were impressively prompt and professional. I would not hesitate to use them again or to recommend them.

Sally W.Centerville OH

“Very professional, explained options and pricing. Recommended to a neighbor who was very happy to have a squirrel removed. Would definitely use services and recommend again!”

Karen D.Centerville OH

“The man I spoke with at Varment Guard sounded VERY knowledgeable, caring and kind…. not to mention they were able to get out to my house that day! ”

Mr. FuchsXenia OH

We had a really bad skunk smell coming from the shed, and in less than a week it was gone! The guy that removed the skunk was more than respectful! I highly recommend Varment Guard Wildlife Services!

Corey DHuber Heights OH

The guy that came to my house was very friendly and professional. I highly recommend their services and I will call them again if I have any more issues.

Kelsey L.Kettering OH

I had a raccoon in my attic, Varment Guard Wildlife Services ridded of all our problems! We will use them again, without a doubt!

Haley B.Oakwood OH

Did a wonderful job getting rid of pesky pest (squirrels)..very professional

Bobby L.Yellow Sprongs OH

If your in need of a professional wildlife company who utilizes professional humane methods to remove wildlife look no further. Chris operates with professional methods and is fully capable of mitigating your issues. I recommend you give him the opportunity to assist you

Chris S.Dayton OH

Varment Guard Wildlife Services was willing to come out on a Saturday to look at the situation while four or five other companies in the Dayton area couldn’t come out until mid next week.

Andrerw W.Brookville OH

What a great company! Having a wildlife issue can be intimidating but not if you have the right company. Advantage is a great company and Chris is extremely knowledgeable and professional. Please don’t hesitate to give these guys a call if you have any issues with wildlife.

Dax W.Trotwood OH

At least 2 squirrels had nested in my outside eves and needed to be removed. The company responded quickly , I was happy to find an Angie’s List provider w/good ratings for this type of job.

Teresa A.Dayton OH

We called around, but Chris was the first to be detailed about moles, how they travel, and set an appropriate expectation level.

Sara K.Spring Valley OH

Raccoon removal Riverside Ohio

Riverside , OH Raccoon Removalshutterstock_10395202

Riverside Ohio Animal Control for help with raccoon in the attic or raccoon in chimney. Raccoons will tear holes into your roofing and vents then live in the attic. Having a raccoon latrine or raccoon droppings in the attic can be very dangerous. Raccoons feeding in trash cans are a real problem. Raccoons explore your trash looking for a free meal. Raccoons can destroy your lawn searching for worms, grubs and other food. Raccoon removal in Riverside will help eliminate these problems. Let Varment Guard help you to get rid of raccoons. If you have raccoons in the crawlspace they damage the insulation. Raccoons like to live in chimneys, raccoon under deck, and raccoon in attic. We can help with emergency raccoon removal, animal damage repairs and contaminated insulation clean up and replacement. Raccoon control is our specialty, let us help you get rid of raccoons. Riverside Raccoon Removal is another common animal removal problem complaint we encounter. Raccoons are very smart animals and they have adapted well to the city living in Riverside , OH. Raccoon Removal in Riverside is important to remove raccoons in the attic and raccoon in the chimney. Raccoon are the most destructive wild animal we deal with in Riverside . Having raccoons in your attic is dangerous and very unhealthy. Raccoons in attic should be removed immediately by a Riverside Ohio animal control expert.

Squirrel removal Riverside Ohio

Riverside , OH Squirrel RemovalSquirrel removal logo

Riverside Ohio Animal Control for help with squirrels in the attic. A squirrel in the attic can cause a lot of damage. A squirrel can damage insulation with urine, feces, and compaction. Squirrels will chew the coating off of electric wires. If you hear scratching noises in the attic you may have squirrels in the attic. We are Riverside’s squirrel trapping experts. After we have performed the squirrel removal, we can repair the damage they have caused. We are squirrel control experts, let us help you get rid of squirrels. Riverside Squirrel Removal is a very common complaint. Squirrel removal and squirrel control in Riverside Ohio is very common and should be handled as soon as a squirrel problem is discovered. If you have squirrels in the house or squirrels in the attic, then you need squirrel removal before there is too much squirrel damage. Many residents of Riverside Ohio who need squirrel removal or squirrel control do not know who to contact. Riverside squirrel removal should be handled quickly to prevent squirrel damage. Squirrel removal and squirrel control should be handled by a Riverside Ohio animal control expert.

Bat removal Riverside Ohio

Riverside , OH Bat RemovalDayton Bat Removal

Riverside Ohio Animal Control for help with bats in the attic. An attic is a perfect place for bats to live. Bat colonies create a huge mess of bat guano quickly. Bat guano ruins your insulation and creates a foul odor. Having bats in the attic is a serious problem. Only a trained professional should perform a bat exclusion. Bat exclusion prevents the bats from re-gaining entry to your home. Bat damage can include contaminated insulation from bat guano. We will clean up bat guano. We specialize in removal of bats in the attic and understand bat control and have been through bat exclusion training. We will get rid of bats for you. We are bat control experts let us help you get rid of bats. Instances of Riverside bat removal have been increasing recently. The average cost of bat exclusion is relatively low if the bat removal service is completed early in the bat infestation. Ignoring a bat infestation will result in the cost of bat removal being higher. Bat exclusions should only be done by a Riverside Ohio animal control professional. Cleaning bat guano can be very hazardous and should only be done by an expert

Skunk removal Riverside Ohio

Riverside , OH Skunk Removalskunk removal dayton

Riverside Ohio Animal Control for skunks under the porch, skunk under the deck, and skunk under the shed. Skunks spray to defend themselves from predators. Skunks live under sheds, decks and porches. Skunks will dig up your lawn in search of worms, grubs and other food. Call Varment Guard to safely and humanely remove skunks from your property. We can get rid of skunks for you. The odor of skunk spray can be very strong. We help with skunk trapping and skunk removal. We are skunk control experts, let us help you get rid of skunks. Riverside skunk removal is very common request. Skunks have tendency to want to live under porches and decks. So we receive a lot of skunk under steps and skunk under porch complaints. Skunk removal should only be done by a Riverside Ohio animal control professional.

Mole removal Riverside Ohio

Riverside , OH Mole Controlmole removal dayton

Riverside Ohio Animal Control can help with damage caused by lawn moles. If you have tunnels and mounds in your lawn, it’s probably a mole problem. Moles lives in the ground. Moles create tunnels in your yard as they look for grubs, worms and food to eat. Moles digging in yard can a lot of mole damage in a short time. If you allow moles to live in your lawn they will do a lot of mole damage. The most efficient method to handle mole control in Riverside is by mole trapping. A mole trapping specialist can trap moles in lawn quickly. We are mole control experts, let us help you get rid of moles. A Riverside Ohio animal control expert will be able to quickly provide mole removal service.

Bird removal Riverside Ohio

Riverside Ohio Bird Controlshutterstock_157263683

Riverside Ohio Animal Control for bird removal, bird feces cleanup, birds in vents, and birds on the roof or bird in building. Sparrows, starlings, pigeons, geese and woodpeckers are just a few of the birds that may need to be removed. We install bird spikes, bird nets, and bird barriers. We perform bird exclusion for bird proofing. Common bird problems include birds in attic, birds in chimney, birds in vents, and birds roosting on your house. Birds in the attic create a lot of bird damage. Birds contaminate insulation with droppings. The most efficient way to get rid of birds is to call a professional. Call Varment Guard today to help with bird removal, bird control, and bird exclusion from your home or business. We are bird removal experts, Let us help you get rid of birds. Bird removal should be handled by a Riverside Ohio animal control professional.

Groundhog removal Riverside Ohio

Riverside OH Groundhog removalwildife control dayton ohio groundhog

Riverside Ohio Animal Control for groundhog removal. Groundhog damage is a common problem for homeowners. Groundhogs eat your plants and love to dig up your lawn and garden and home foundation. Groundhogs are a burrowing animal. Groundhogs digging in the yard and groundhogs digging in the garden is a common problem. Groundhogs create tunnels for sleeping, living, protection and hibernating. A groundhogs tunnel can be very large. It is common for them to dig tunnels up to 45 feet long. Groundhogs eat plants so your garden and lawn are a perfect food source for them. Groundhogs digging in the yard can create a lot of groundhog damage. Groundhog control is best handled by an expert. Do you need a groundhog control company in Riverside ? Varment Guard can help with Groundhog trapping today. We are groundhog removal experts, let us help you get rid of groundhogs. Only a Riverside Ohio animal control expert should perform groundhog removal.

Rodent removal Riverside Ohio

Riverside , OH rat removal
Riverside OH mouse removalshutterstock_109455521

Riverside Ohio Animal Control for rat removal and mouse removal. If you have rats in your attic, rats in house or business. Rats enter your home through very small openings. Rat control should be performed by a rat removal expert. Rats are prolific breeders and rats in walls can be a very dangerous. Rats chew on drywall and wood in your home. A rat problem should not be ignored. Rats in attic can chew on wires. Rats chewing on wires can cause house fires. Rat trapping can prevent this. Take charge of your rat removal problem. Let Varment Guard get rid of rats and be your rat exterminator. We are rat control experts let us help you get rid of rats. Only a Riverside Ohio animal control expert can efficiently resolve a rodent infestation.

Snake removal Riverside Ohio

Riverside , OH Snake Removalwildife control dayton ohio slider snake

Riverside Ohio Animal Control for snakes in the home. Snakes will enter your home in search of food and shelter. If you mice in your home, they will attract snakes. Snakes can enter your home through very small gaps and cracks. We can Snake proof your home. Snake exclusion will also help prevent rats and mice. We will get rid of snakes for you. Snake control and snake removal should only be done by an expert. A poisonous snake can be deadly. Riverside snake removal can help get rid of snakes. We are snake trapping professionals, and provide snake exclusion services. Let Varment Guard get snakes out of house and be you snake exterminator. We are snake removal experts, let us help you get rid of snakes. Snake Control Experts are trained to catch both venomous and nonvenomous snakes. Only a Riverside Ohio animal control professional should attempt snake removal.

Chipmunk removal Riverside Ohio

Riverside , OH chipmunk removal

Riverside Ohio animal control for chipmunk removal. Chipmunks burrow and dig holes throughout your lawn and garden and around landscaping. They can also enter your home to live in walls, attics, or crawlspaces. These chipmunks can cause damage to your wiring inside the walls possibly causing fires. If a chipmunk burrows under a structure such as a shed or steps, the ground could become unstable and cause cracks in foundation. Let Varment Guard get rid of your chipmunk problem and be your chipmunk exterminator. We are chipmunk control experts. Only a Riverside Ohio animal control expert should perform chipmunk removal.

Goose removal Riverside Ohio

Riverside , OH goose removal

Riverside Ohio animal control for Canada goose removal. Geese can be a huge nuisance on your property. Geese can make a lot of noise and be very distracting. They also can make your property in Riverside Ohio very unsightly and unsanitary. Geese create large amounts of droppings that can contain disease and pose serious health risks. Along with droppings, geese leave behind feathers and debris. If a Canada goose sets up a nest on your property, they can also become very dangerous trying to protect this nest from people. Varment Guard can humanely rid your property of Canada Geese. We are geese removal experts in Riverside Ohio. Only an animal control professional should be trusted to remove geese from your property in Riverside Ohio.

Beaver removal Riverside Ohio

Riverside , OH beaver removal

Riverside Ohio animal control for beaver removal. Beaver can cause significant damage to your property. Common beaver problems in Riverside Ohio include beaver invading your pond, cutting trees, and even causing flooding. A pond on your property can be an investment. A beaver can cut down trees and change the look and appearance of your pond and become a nuisance animal quickly. Beavers can also take down your expensive ornamental trees and ruin the look of your landscape. If a beaver causes a damn in a stream or river in Riverside Ohio, it can lead to flooding of that area including roads and fields. Flooding can be extremely dangerous. Only a Riverside Ohio beaver removal expert should be trusted to remove beaver from your property. We are beaver control experts.

Muskrat removal Riverside Ohio

Riverside , OH muskrat removal

Riverside Ohio animal control for muskrat removal. Muskrats can cause significant damage to your pond and property. Muskrats in Riverside Ohio can live in water as well as on land. They can easily damage your pond and the area around it which could cost a significant amount as a pond on your property can be a big investment. Muskrats create burrows with an underwater entrance. These entrances can cave in possibly causing the levee of your pond to leak or fail and possibly flood your property. Only a Riverside Ohio muskrat professional should be trusted to handle the removal of muskrats. We are Riverside Ohio muskrat removal experts, please call us today.

Coyote removal Riverside Ohio

Riverside , OH coyote removal

Riverside Ohio animal control for coyote removal. Coyotes are becoming a more common problem in Riverside Ohio. These highly intelligent animals are the size of a medium dog and have an extreme ability to protect themselves from threat by being a very advanced predator. Common problems in Riverside Ohio are coyotes in yard, coyotes killing cats or dogs, and even killing livestock. These animals can be extremely aggressive and should only be handled by a professional. Our team at Varment Guard Wildlife Services would be glad to efficiently and humanely handle your coyote removal needs. Please call us.

Dead Animal Removal Riverside Ohio

Riverside Ohio Dead Deer Removal

Riverside Ohio dead animal removal. Animals may enter your home and then die, we are local dead animal removal experts. We can come to your home in Riverside Ohio and remove dead animals from your attic, chimney, basement, or garage. We can also remove animals from under sheds or decks and anywhere on your property. Varment Guard can efficiently and respectfully remove these dead animals from your property and properly dispose of them. After removal, an inspection can be performed to see where the animals may have entered your home and then these entry points can be repaired so no future invasion of animals occurs. Only a Riverside Ohio professional should be trusted to remove dead animals from your home. Call us today.