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Squirrels are one of the most common home invading animals. They are skilled climbers that can access your roof. Seeking out a suitable den site is second nature to them. If there are weaknesses on your home they will find it. Once in your attic they are very destructive. They routinely chew on wiring. They soil your insulation. And squirrels can be very noisy.

Do I need squirrel removal?

Read the following questions you may need squirrel removal:

  • Do you hear chewing in your attic or soffit?
  • Do you hear scampering across your ceiling?
  • Do you hear animals climbing in your walls?
  • Do you routinely see squirrel on your roof?
  • Do you see holes chewed into your home?
  • Do you see trails or feces in your attic insulation?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you probably will need squirrel removal services.

How do squirrels get on my roof?shutterstock_139791475

Squirrels are very acrobatic climbers. They can find a way to get onto the roof of any home. Power lines that connect to your home are an easy access point for squirrels. If there are tree branches to close to your roof line squirrels can jump from them. Believe it or mot squirrels can actually climb up stucco and brick siding.

How do squirrels get into my house?

Squirrels are very skilled at finding small weaknesses in your home. Once they find a weakness they will get into the attic. If the gutter imagesCAUMSY80line of your home does not have drip edge squirrels will search for a place to create an entry. Unprotected soffit vents are commonly used as entry ways as well. The soffit return or dormer corner commonly has a construction gap that will allow squirrel entry. Most attic fans or attic ventilators do not have an adequate screen and squirrels can come through directly into the attic. There are typically construction gaps inadvertently left in most homes, these can lead to squirrel entry. Wooden trim that is water damaged can be lead to squirrels chewing an access into the attic. If your home has unrepaired storm damage, missing fascia or trim squirrels can enter your attic. The bottom line is- if squirrels want to get into your attic, they will either find a way in, or chew a hole into your attic.

Can squirrels damage my home?

10940590_767403700007420_2707943359627787461_nSquirrels will commonly damage your home while creating or enlarging an access point. Commonly water damaged wooden trim and fascia boards are soft. It is very easy for a squirrel to chew a hole through this water damaged lumber to create an access hole into your attic. Gable end vents, attic fans, ridge vents and soffit vents, all have an inferior screen that squirrels can easily chew or tear to get into your homes attic. All pipes that exit your attic have a rubber roof boot that squirrels routinely damage.

Once the squirrels have gained access into your attic they have an insatiable desire to chew the insulation off of wiring and cable lines. As squirrels travel throughout your attic they will eventually compact the insulation which ruins its insulative value leading to higher heating and cooling costs. The insulation is further damaged as squirrels urinate and defecate in the attic. The smell of these biological contaminants along with the body oils left behind produce a pheromonal odor that will continuously attract new squirrels in the future…leading to more damage.

How do professionals provide squirrel removal?

imagesC8AHKEANA professional will start the process before he ever gets to your home. In our opinion, humane squirrel removal starts with education, licensing and training. Next a professional should be able to start his inspection over the phone. By asking the right questions they will know to bring all proper equipment to provide a thorough onsite evaluation. During the onsite inspection a professional will look for many things:

  1. First, they will be looking for a likely animal travel route. This travel route will be have evidence of tracks, scratches, hair, and or feces. Finding the animals travel path is important. Tapping for squirrel removal usually takes place along the travel path.
  2. Next they should be able to locate at least one point of animal entry. If a squirrel is in your attic the point of entry should be easy for a trained professional to find. This point of entry usually has evidence of chewing, animal staining, or animal hair.
  3. Other areas of potential weakness on the home should be noted as well. An experienced pro will be able to point out other areas that require preventive repairs. These pro-active repairs will prevent a future infestation.
  4. Finally they should look in the attic and/or basement. Checking these two areas ensures they have a good grasp of the extent of the squirrel infestation. It also allows them to view the extent of damage in the attic and/or basement. Attic or crawlspace remediation may be required.

After the onsite evaluation is complete a squirrel removal trapping plan normally follows. Assuming squirrels were diagnosed as the infesting animal, properly sized quality humane live traps should be used. These traps should be set along the squirrels travel path. An attractive bait and scent lure should be placed in the back of the cage. This bait will help encourage squirrels to enter the cage. If all goes well a squirrel will be captured. Remember there is likely more than one squirrel living in an infested attic. After the squirrel is captured it must be disposed of according to local law.

Who fixes the damage?

Hy-C AFGanimal gaurd chimney capAfter the squirrel removal is complete, a full service squirrel removal  professional will repair the animal entry point. Other potential weaknesses should be repaired as well. Any wild animal damage in the attic should also be repaired. After all repairs are complete the squirrels mess should be cleaned up. This includes removing soiled insulation. Stained drywall should also be removed and repaired. Finally the affected area should be sanitized and re-insulated. An electrician should be called to evaluate any potential electrical damage.


We are Daytons full service Squirrel Removal Company.

Our squirrel removal process:

  • Home Inspection

    We provide a full home inspection. Then we confirm squirrels are the culprit. We also diagnose all animal entry points..

  • Animal Removal

    We set humane live traps. Capturing ALL of the animals is crucial. We pride ourselves on efficient squirrel removal.

  • Building Repairs

    We repair animal damage. We also offer preventive home repairs.

  • Attic Remediation

    As a last step we clean the soiled attic. Then we sanitize and re-insulate it.

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Squirrels of greater Dayton

There are over 285 species of squirrels worldwide. There are 4 species commonly found in Greater Dayton that require squirrel removal.

The Eastern Grey Squirrel

The common Eastern Grey Squirrel is the most common species of squirrel in the continental U.S. This squirrel is very adaptable and can live in the downtown of a metropolitan area as easily as it can in the deepest of woods. The Eastern “Grey” Squirrel is commonly found in 3 color phases.  The most common phase, as its name implies is a light grey with a white belly. The other 2 common color phases are actually color mutations. They are commonly seen as White (albino) and Black (melanocytic). But despite these different appearance they are the same genetic species.

The Common Fox Squirrel

The Pine Squirrel / Red Squirrel

The Suthern Flying Squirrel

“Very professional, explained options and pricing. Recommended to a neighbor who was very happy to have a squirrel removed. Would definitely use services and recommend again!”

Karen DavisCenrervlle Ohio

“… I called Saturday evening and they were there Sunday morning! Did full inspection of roof, chimney, eaves, surrounds, attics, etc. Set traps and returned to check frequently. Solved problem. Chris was very knowledgeable and was clear in explaining their services and the fee structure. Everything was exactly as promised and they were impressively prompt and professional. I would not hesitate to use them again or to recommend them.”

Sally WelshWashington Twp Ohio

“We called around, but Chris was the first to be detailed about moles, how they travel, and set an appropriate expectation level. He provided us with the price… which was a competitive price. When he showed up at our home he was professional, very kind, and was easy to talk to. Over the two weeks he came out daily to check the traps. ”

Sara KerchnerSpring Valley, Ohio

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