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dayton animal removal

The need for animal removal, wildlife control and wild animal removal are increasing throughout Ohio and greater Dayton. Wild animal population cycles, urbanization and infringement on wildlife habitat are all contributing factors to an increase in nuisance wildlife situations requiring professional animal removal services. Government spending cuts and new legislation have left much of the nuisance wildlife control and animal removal needs in the hands of private industry. Dayton animal removal.

With over 30 years of animal removal experience, Varment Guard utilizes the most up to date methods and tactics available to the animal removal industry. We provide humane animal removal and ecologically friendly tactics for handling nuisance animal problems. We use integrated, innovative methods and provide environmentally sound animal removal services. We provide wildlife control services to homeowners, businesses and municipalities. We offer both residential animal removal and commercial animal removal throughout the Miami Valley, Dayton, and South West Ohio. Dayton animal removal.

Our highly trained and experienced staff can handle any Dayton animal removal issue or Dayton wildlife control conflict. Including mole removal, squirrel trapping, Canada goose round-ups, raccoon removal, and much more. Do you have raccoons your attic? Perhaps you have squirrels in your attic. Maybe you need assistance with bats in your attic? Call today and a member of our staff will evaluate your wildlife concern. There’s no animal removal issue we can’t handle. Dayton animal removal.

We offer a variety of animal removal service options to eliminate wild animal problems and prevent persistent animal removal problems that require professional animal removal services in Dayton, Ohio. Dayton animal removal.

Some of our Dayton animal removal services include:

  • Species-specific animal removal techniques featuring one-way doors traps and positive control trapping tactics.
  • We provide professional grade animal damage repair and animal proofing services. Including animal entry and exit holes as well as identifying other potential problem areas to prevent the need for animal removal services or wild animal removal services in Dayton and the Miami Valley.

In urban, suburban, and rural environments; we share the earth with a variety of wildlife animals. From Bats and birds to raccoons and rats, there are numerous creatures that reside in your neighborhood. However, your home is not their natural habitat! For Dayton, Ohio, the Miami Valley and South West Ohio animal removal and wildlife control, the professional team at Varment Guard is your solution to local Dayton animal removal and Dayton wildlife control. We provide efficient and humane ways to evict the animal intruders and protect your home from future unwanted house guests. If you’re having trouble with wildlife in your home or business we can provide fast, effective, animal removal service to solve the problem efficiently and humanely. Dayton animal removal.

At Varment Guard we employ a team of fully licensed, trained, and experienced professionals that can deal with wild animals in a safe and humane manner. We offer a professional animal removal services, our professionalism is based on the utmost desire to provide the best customer service in the animal removal industry. Your wildlife conflict is stressful enough, so let our professional technicians navigate you through the animal removal process in a friendly and efficient manner. Our technicians will always be in uniform and will arrive to your home in a clean and professional service truck. We provide animal removal services to homeowners, municipalities, industrial and commercial facilities. Our environmentally friendly animal removal services help protect your while protecting non target animals. We also provide an animal damage repair and attic remediation service to keep your home safe for the future. Dayton animal removal.

We offer a full line of animal damage control, bird control, and wildlife management services.

Below are Some of the Services We Provide:

Wildlife Control Services

Bat, Bird, and Wild Animal Removal

24 Hour Emergency Animal Removal Service Available

Residential Animal Removal, Wildlife Damage Control and Trapping

Commercial Animal Removal, Wildlife Damage Control and Trapping

Industrial and Municipal, Wildlife Damage Control and Trapping

Animal Removal / Trapping / Exclusion

Animal Damage Repair and Prevention

Attic Restoration Services

Varment Guard has professional employees that perform animal removal, animal control and wildlife control services for residential, industrial and commercial clients in across the Miami Valley, greater Dayton and SW Ohio. Animal removal requires a qualified and knowledgeable expert. If you own a home or business and have animal removal and animal control problems, you can rely on Varment Guard to provide timely, humane and efficient animal removal. Our expert field staff can handle any animal removal problem from bat exclusion to raccoon removal and provide humane animal removal services using the latest equipment and technology. Dayton animal removal.

Our animal removal field staff have been trained in animal removal specific to common wildlife invaders from the Dayton Ohio area. We take care of wildlife conflicts by using efficient and humane methods. Our animal removal professionals go through rigorous training in animal removal in order to give you a cost effective solution to your wildlife problem. Our animal removal professionals are licensed and certified by the Ohio Div. of Wildlife. We are equipped to handle any kind of wild animal removal wildlife control, snake removal and snake control, bat removal and bat exclusion, squirrel removal and squirrel control, raccoon removal and raccoon control, skunk removal and skunk control, bird removal and bird control, groundhog removal and groundhog control, and many more nuisance wild animal removal and wildlife control issues. In addition to animal removal and animal control, our staff can help you with wildlife removal and dead animal removal, animal exclusion services, attic remediation services and crawl space restorations as well as damaged insulation replacement across the Miami Valley and Dayton, Ohio. Dayton animal removal.

Common Dayton Animal Removal Questions:

What happens to the animals that are removed from my property?

This is the most common question asked by our perspective clients. First and foremost and above all else, we will obey the law. There are two basic choices: relocation or euthanasia. Each option has advantages and disadvantages. Most of our clients show genuine concern for the animal’s welfare, and we definitely respect that concern. All of the animals we capture are treated with respect. We also understand ecology, and we know that the matter is a little more complicated than people realize. If we can legally relocate an animal, and feel it is a good candidate for relocation, then we will safely transport the animal to one of our remote relocation properties. Dayton animal removal.

Why does Varment Guard charge a fee for animal removal?

People seem to have no problem paying a plumber or an electrician for their professional skills, and you won’t find them crawling in a hot attic to remove an angry raccoon! Professional wildlife control is a specialty business. It requires a very unique skill set and more knowledge, training and experience than many people realize. It is also a professional with unique and dangerous risks. Wildlife control operators resolve difficult problems that few people can properly or safely handle without the help of an animal removal professional. We are not some backwoods trapper. We are state licensed, insured, and highly trained wildlife control professionals. Dayton animal removal.

How much does wild animal removal cost?

Many of our perspective clients have the mindset that wild animal removal should be taken care of for free. This stems from a time when state and county agencies would indeed occasionally take care of wild animal removal. However, as the problem became more prevalent they discontinued the service, and it is now in the hands of private industry. The problem grew too large and expensive, and counties decided not to help out with wild animal removal problems any more. Now city and county agencies only take care of domestic animal problems, specifically dog and cat problems. Just like if you had an insect infestation… you wouldn’t call the animal control office, you would call an exterminator. If you have an animal infestation you need to call an animal removal company like Varment Guard. We don’t receive any state funding. No government agency is giving us trucks, traps, equipment, gasoline, insurance, phone service, advertising, or the myriad of other expenses necessary to run an animal removal or wildlife control business. We must pay for these things ourselves while still making a profit to pay our wages. Some perspective clients seem to understand these facts, while others do not. All wildlife conflicts fall into the hands of the private sector. The state licensed animal removal trappers. If you have a problem with any type of wild animal, say a raccoon, opossum, squirrel, snake, etc. then you must call a state licensed animal removal specialist. Dayton animal removal and Dayton wildlife control.

Does Varment Guard provide Dead Animal Removal?

Yes, we will come to your property, remove the dead animal, and dispose of the carcass in an acceptable manner, however we do charge a fee for this service as well. If the dead animal is somewhere inside the framework of the house, then the issue becomes exponentially more difficult and often the cutting open of drywall or other components of the home will be required to remove the rotting carcass. Dead animal removal. Dayton animal removal.

What animals does Varment Guard remove?

Almost any nuisance wild animal that a home owner deems as a nuisance. This typically involves the following animals: Raccoons, squirrels, skunks, opossums, snakes, bats, rats, mice, moles, voles, beavers, muskrats, coyotes, foxes, flying squirrels, dead animals; and the following birds: pigeons, sparrows, starlings, Canada geese and wood peckers. Dayton animal removal, Dayton bird removal.

What types of traps are used for animal removal services?

We use a variety of different styles of animal traps in different sizes. All of our traps are professionally made animal removal devices and fit all state legal requirements. Dayton animal removal.

We proudly provide animal removal service to the following communities:

Greene County Ohio animal removal.

Bath Township. Beavercreek. Beavercreek Township. Bellbrook. Bowersville. Byron. Caesarcreek Township. Cedarville. Cedarville Township. Centerville. Clifton. Fairborn. Huber Heights . Jamestown. Jefferson Township. Kettering. Miami Township. New Jasper Township. Oldtown. Ross Township. Shawnee Hills. Silvercreek Township. Spring Valley. Spring Valley Township. Sugarcreek Township. Wilberforce. Xenia. Xenia Township. Yellow Springs.

Montgomery County Ohio animal removal.

Brookville. Butler Township. Centerville. Clay Township. Clayton. Dayton. Englewood. Farmersville. Germantown. German Township. Harrison Township. Huber Heights. Jackson Township. Jefferson Township. Kettering. Miamisburg. Miami Township. Moraine. New Lebanon. Northridge. Oakwood. Perry Township. Phillipsburg. Riverside. Trotwood. Union. Vandalia. Verona. Washington Township. West Carrolton.

Warren County Ohio animal removal.

Blanchester. Butlerville. Carlisle. Clearcreek Township. Corwin. Deerfield Township. Franklin. Franklin Township. Hamilton Township. Harlan Township. Harveysburg. Lebanon. Loveland. Maineville. Mason. Massie Township. Middletown. Monroe. Morrow. Pleasant Plain. Salem Township. South Lebanon. Springboro. Turtlecreek Township. Union Township. Washington Township. Wayne Township. Waynesville.