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Fairborn Ohio bat control is an important service. The people of the Miami Valley need bat removal services. We receive calls everyday from concerned homeowners like you that have a bat concern or conflict. Perhaps they are hearing noises in their attic or have a bad odor coming down from the attic or see evidence of bats entering the home. All of these situations require an expert. Our goal is to resolve bat conflicts quickly and humanely. At Varment Guard all of our field staff are trained and equipped to handle any of your bat removal Fairborn Ohio needs. Call us at 763-307-4384. A knowledgeable member of our staff will be able to assess your bat concerns over the phone.

Our Process:

  • Full Home Inspection

    We start by providing a full home inspection. We inspect your entire home from the attic to the basement. This ensures we properly diagnose your wildlife conflict.

  • Animal Removal

    We use pro-active trapping techniques. We quickly and humanely remove your problem wild animals.

  • Bird Removal

    Many wildlife issues are caused by birds. We are trained, licensed and certified to help you resolve bird problems.

  • Animal Damage Repair

    Animals typically create damage when entering a home. After the animals are removed we can repair the damage they caused.

  • Attic Remediation

    Finally, after the animals are removed, and the exterior damage has been repaired. We can clean animal waste out of the attic, sanitize, and re-insulate.

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About Varment Guard

  • We Are always training

    All of our field staff team attends industry training twice per year, to ensure we are up to date with the latest tactics and tools available to our industry.

  • Licensed by the state

    All of our field technicians have passed the “Ohio Commercial Nuisance Wild Animal Control Certification Test”.

  • Experienced Staff

    We have nationally recognized and certified field staff members. Our lead tech is often called on to teach training seminars and give industry demonstrations.

  • Fully Insured

    We carry a comprehensive commercial liability policy to ensure that if an accident were to happen YOU are protected.


Chris, I just wanted to thank you and Nigel for all of the time and effort you put into our squirrel issues! You were both great to work with. I have recommended your services and will continue to do so. Thanks again!

Shannon P.Springboro OH

The service was great, they came fully prepared with protective gear to clean up the Bat debri from my attic.

They made sure all entry ways were sealed and blocked from the outside of the house,

They were very professional and cleaned up after the job

The best part of the service was a follow-up call on how things were going and if I seen any signs on new activity

Lavonn F.Dayton OH

Dear Chris, I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you again for all of the help you and Nigel provided to get rid of our raccoons and repairing the damage and cleaning up the mess and on and on and on. Your team never stopped helping! If we need animal removal in the future we will definitely be calling you guys again!

Rosey K.Beavercreek OH

We had a loud and persistent critter in my chimney. I called Saturday evening and they were there Sunday morning! Did full inspection of roof, chimney, eaves, surrounds, attics, etc. Set traps and returned to check frequently. Solved problem. Chris was very knowledgeable and was clear in explaining their services and the fee structure. Everything was exactly as promised and they were impressively prompt and professional. I would not hesitate to use them again or to recommend them.

Sally W.Centerville OH

“Very professional, explained options and pricing. Recommended to a neighbor who was very happy to have a squirrel removed. Would definitely use services and recommend again!”

Karen D.Centerville OH

“The man I spoke with at Varment Guard sounded VERY knowledgeable, caring and kind…. not to mention they were able to get out to my house that day! ”

Mr. FuchsXenia OH

We had a really bad skunk smell coming from the shed, and in less than a week it was gone! The guy that removed the skunk was more than respectful! I highly recommend Varment Guard Wildlife Services!

Corey DHuber Heights OH

The guy that came to my house was very friendly and professional. I highly recommend their services and I will call them again if I have any more issues.

Kelsey L.Kettering OH

I had a raccoon in my attic, Varment Guard Wildlife Services ridded of all our problems! We will use them again, without a doubt!

Haley B.Oakwood OH

Did a wonderful job getting rid of pesky pest (squirrels)..very professional

Bobby L.Yellow Sprongs OH

If your in need of a professional wildlife company who utilizes professional humane methods to remove wildlife look no further. Chris operates with professional methods and is fully capable of mitigating your issues. I recommend you give him the opportunity to assist you

Chris S.Dayton OH

Varment Guard Wildlife Services was willing to come out on a Saturday to look at the situation while four or five other companies in the Dayton area couldn’t come out until mid next week.

Andrerw W.Brookville OH

What a great company! Having a wildlife issue can be intimidating but not if you have the right company. Advantage is a great company and Chris is extremely knowledgeable and professional. Please don’t hesitate to give these guys a call if you have any issues with wildlife.

Dax W.Trotwood OH

At least 2 squirrels had nested in my outside eves and needed to be removed. The company responded quickly , I was happy to find an Angie’s List provider w/good ratings for this type of job.

Teresa A.Dayton OH

We called around, but Chris was the first to be detailed about moles, how they travel, and set an appropriate expectation level.

Sara K.Spring Valley OH

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Principals of Bat Removal

Fairborn Ohio bat removal.

Varment Guard is Fairborn Ohio’s bat removal expert. We are fully trained and licensed to provide bat removal in Fairborn Ohio. Only a Wildlife Control professional should perform bat removal services. We use modern technology to remove your bat problem. A bat removal expert will be able to quickly and humanely remove bats. We use a bat exclusion method for humane bat removal. Before the bat removal can begin the home must be inspected for bats in the attic. After the bat entry points have been discovered a bat exclusion device can be installed. Bats can enter through the smallest crack or crevice. Once bats enter your attic they will take up permanent residence. Bats will leave your home on a nightly basis to feed on insects. Bat exclusion takes advantage of this departure to provide humane bat removal. Bat exclusion is the industry standard for humane bat removal. Bats should not be killed during bat removal.  Bat exclusion cannot be done during certain times of year to prevent inadvertently killing young bats in the attic. A bat removal professional will be able to explain in detail how to get rid of bats. Varment Guard is Fairborn Ohio bat removal experts.

What is Bat Exclusion?

Fairborn Ohio bat exclusion.

The current industry standard for modern humane bat removal is bat exclusion. Bat exclusion is the best way to get rid of bats or eliminate a problem with bats in the attic. For bat exclusion to be effective, first, all of the bat entry ways on the building must be identified. It takes a trained eye and experience to properly identify bat entry points. For this reason only a certified bat exclusion professional should attempt to perform a bat exclusion. After all of the bat entry points have been identified, the reminder of the house will need to be thoroughly inspected. Any small cracks, gaps, nooks, and crannies should be repaired or sealed in a manor that will prevent bat entry. All known areas of bat entry should have professional bat exclusion device installed on them. A bat exclusion device can come in different styles but the concept of the device is to perform as a 1-way door. The bat exclusion device will allow bats to exit the building as they normally due to search for food in the evening. But the design of the device will prevent bats from entering the building. The bats that have been excluded will search over the entire home looking for an alternate route into the attic. So it is very important that all other potential entry points be appropriately sealed prior to the installation of the bat exclusion devices. After all bats have had a chance to exit the building the bat exclusion devices can be removed and final repair done to the home. Now that all of the bats are gone and the home is bat proof, the attic can be cleaned, disinfected and re-insulated. For Fairborn Ohio Bat exclusion call Varment Guard.

How does bat control work?

Fairborn Ohio bat control.

Varment Guard is Fairborn Ohio Bat control expert. We are fully trained and permitted to provide bat control in Fairborn Ohio. We use modern methods to remove your bat problem. Only a Wildlife Control professional should perform a bat control services.  Before the bat control can begin the building must be inspected for bats in the attic. After all bat entry points have been found a bat exclusion device can be installed. A bat control expert will be able to quickly and humanely control bats. We use the bat exclusion method for humane bat control. Bats shouldn’t be killed during bat control.  Bat exclusion cannot be done during certain seasons to prevent inadvertently killing juvenile bats in the attic. A bat control professional will be able to explain in detail how to get rid of bats. Bats can enter through the smallest nook or gap. Once bats enter your attic they may take up permanent residence. Bats will leave your home on a regular basis to feed on bugs. Bat exclusion takes advantage of this departure to provide humane bat control. Bat exclusion is the industry standard for humane bat control. For bat control in Fairborn Ohio call Varment Guard.

How to get rid of bats?

Get rid of bats Fairborn Ohio.

In order to get rid of bats in Fairborn Ohio, a bat removal professional should use the bat exclusion method. This will provide humane bat removal while they get rid of bats.  It is important to get rid of bats in a timely manner.  If you don’t get rid of bats quickly they will contaminate your attic with feces. Before an expert can get rid of bats they will need to inspect the home in Fairborn Ohio. After the inspection the bat control expert will know where the bat entry point are located on the building. This is the most important information before they get rid of bats. After all of the bat entry points are discovered then the bat exclusion can take place. It is a bad idea to try and get rid of bats from late May until middle August in Fairborn Ohio. During this time frame female bats leave their young in the attic while they feed on insects. If a bat exclusion is performed during this time frame the female bats will be evicted from the attic. While the young bats are left behind. The young bats in the attic will die. It is advisable to hire a bat exclusion expert to get rid of bats. Call Varment Guard to get rid of bats in Fairborn Ohio.

What to do about bats in the attic.

Fairborn Ohio bats in the attic.

To get rid of bats in the attic a bat exclusion should be performed. This will ensure humane bat removal and ensure the removal of all the bats in the attic. After the bats in the attic have been removed the attic should be cleaned by an experienced bat exclusion expert. The bat feces that ids left behind by bats in the attic can be very hazardous. Only a trained professional should clean the bat guano left over from having bats in the attic. Varment Guard is the Fairborn Ohio bats in the attic expert.