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Piqua Raccoon removal

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Varment Guard is the Piqua raccoon removal expert. We are raccoon removal professionals, if you have a raccoon in attic, raccoon in chimney, raccoon in basement, or raccoon in house we can help. We also help remove raccoons under shed and raccoons under deck. If there is a raccoon in your home and you need it removed we can help with Piqua raccoon removal. Your appointment begins with a full home inspection to find entry and exit points the raccoon is using. Our technicians can then set traps to capture the raccoon. Once the raccoon is captured and removed, we can repair damage the raccoon may have caused and clean any debris and droppings. Your home can also be raccoon proofed so that no raccoons can re-enter in the future. Raccoon removal should only be performed by a raccoon removal expert. We can use our expertise to help you get rid of raccoons. We offer humane raccoon removal. Raccoon removal in Piqua Ohio peaks in the spring and summer. If there is a raccoon problem at your house we can get rid of raccoons. We are the Piqua raccoon removal experts.

Our Process:

  • Full Home Inspection

    We start by providing a full home inspection. We inspect your entire home from the attic to the basement. This ensures we properly diagnose your wildlife conflict.

  • Animal Removal

    We use pro-active trapping techniques. We quickly and humanely remove your problem wild animals.

  • Bird Removal

    Many wildlife issues are caused by birds. We are trained, licensed and certified to help you resolve bird problems.

  • Animal Damage Repair

    Animals typically create damage when entering a home.After the animals are removed we can repair the damage they caused.

  • Attic Remediation

    Finally, after the animals are removed, and the exterior damage has been repaired. We can clean animal waste out of the attic, sanitize, and re-insulate.

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About Varment Guard

  • We Are Always Training

    All of our field staff team attends industry training twice per year, to ensure we are up to date with the latest tactics and tools available to our industry.

  • Experienced Staff

    We have nationally recognized and certified field staff members. Our lead tech is often called on to teach training seminars and give industry demonstrations.

  • Fully Insured

    We carry a comprehensive commercial liability policy to ensure that if an accident were to happen YOU are protected.

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Piqua Raccoon Removal Ohio

Piqua - Get rid of raccoons in attic

Piqua, Ohio regularly has Raccoons in the attic of local homes. This community is one of the leaders in the greater Piqua area for us to receive raccoon in the attic complaints. If you are hearing raccoon noises in your attic the there is a good chance you have a family of raccoons in the attic. Raccoons can be very aggressive and challenging to trap, you may need professional help to get rid of raccoons in attic. Call today and we can send out a technician to help you get rid of raccoons in attic.

Raccoon control in chimney - Piqua Ohio

In the spring mother raccoons look for adequate places to have their young. An uncapped chimney is the ideal pace for a mother raccoon to have her young. A chimney is warm, easily defendable from predators, and prevents the young raccoons from wandering off. If there is a raccoon in chimney at your home then you need raccoon control to remove the raccoons from the chimney and install a chimney cap. We offer raccoon control in chimney in Piqua .

Who do I call for raccoon removal in Piqua Ohio?

Varment Guard is the Piqua raccoon removal expert. We provide humane raccoon removal in Piqua Ohio. If you are in need of Piqua raccoon removal give us a call, and a friendly member of our staff can assess your raccoon removal situation over the phone. A raccoon removal professional can quickly and humanely remove raccoon from your property in Piqua Ohio. Piqua raccoon removal is our specialty. Only a raccoon control expert should attempt to remove raccoons in Piqua Ohio. We get rid of raccoons call today for raccoon removal service in Piqua Ohio.

Raccoon Removal Piqua Ohio from sheds, decks, attics, and garages.

Raccoon removal in Piqua Ohio is needed in all types of situations. Raccoons will move into any space that they can possibly squeeze through or into. This makes raccoon removal in Piqua Ohio extremely important. We can remove raccoons from any structure on your property or remove them from under those structures as well. A trained professional in Piqua Ohio can come remove raccoons from inside your attic and then repair any damage to the attic as well as repair the roof or window that the raccoon was entering through. Raccoons also love to hide out under sheds and decks to shield themselves from the weather. Raccoon removal in Piqua Ohio is a necessity. Give us a call today at 763-307-4384 for all your raccoon removal needs in Piqua Ohio.


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